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The Central Brown County Water Authority supplies drinking water to the communities of Allouez, Bellevue, Denmark, De Pere, Howard, Lawrence and Ledgeview.

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Welcome to the Central Brown County Water Authority (Authority), your source for quality drinking water.

Formally established in 1999, the six original Authority member communities included the city of De Pere, villages of Allouez, Bellevue and Howard and the towns of Lawrence and Ledgeview, all working in partnership with the city of Manitowoc and Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU).

On May 18, 2022, the Village of Denmark joined as an Authority member. Each member community has one representative on the Authority board and each board member has one vote.

As a wholesale water provider, the Authority is the entity that purchases the water from Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU), manages and maintains the water system (including the mainline connection to MPU and the spoke system) that distributes water to each of its communities. The Authority also manages two, large water storage tanks that are used to meet the peak water demands by the member communities.

Proceeds from the sale of the water are used to pay down the costs associated with infrastructure needed to supply water to the communities and to maintain the system.

Once the water enters each individual community’s water distribution system, it then becomes each community’s responsibility to supply its residents with water and to maintain the distribution system used to carry water to residents and businesses within their community. 

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